With five albums already under his belt, Patrick Freyne is a long-term veteran of the Irish music scene. After travelling from the high-energy garage pop of the NPB/National Prayer Breakfast through El Diablo's straightforward country, PF and his Bad Intentions join the dots between the reggae of Jimmy Cliff ('Watch It Go') and the sounds of the Alabama 3 ('Digging Holes'), all served up with a good side of country ('The Follower's Song', the gorgeous a cappella 'In My Country').

Freyne's latest band, music veterans all - former Wilde Oscars member Les Keye; Jack Cawley, one half of Bitter Little Cowboy; Eoin Mac Ionmhain of Calico Jak; and Frances Mitchell, Crash Ensemble production manager and one-time member of NPB - started working together while doing a masters in Music and Media Technology in Trinity College. Although they marry electronic beats to instruments which include glockenspiel, tin whistle and wind chimes, this mixture of sounds never descends into a muddle. Rather, there's a clarity, and frequently a sparseness, about the tracks on 'Nobody Ever Dies' that speaks of simple confidence in the songs.

If you're looking for country folk with an electronic slant, 'Nobody Ever Dies' is a very good place to start. A strong debut from some old stagers.

Caroline Hennessy