Warmly received upon its first release in 2004, Iain Archer's comeback album 'Flood the Tanks' featured some of that year's finest hidden treasures and saw him joining that ever-expanding roster of artists who deserve, but don't get, the attention and sales that seem to come so easy to others.

While a remixed 'Flood the Tanks' was subsequently re-released in 2005 - it was certainly a good enough record to buy twice - it's an album that still needs to find a bigger audience. If someone presses a copy into your hands go home - straight away.

The odds would suggest that 'Magnetic North' could also get overlooked amidst a deluge of releases and the build-up to Christmas. And again, that would be a shame, because while not quite as instant or memorable as its predecessor, this album could help fill the cracks in many a life.

Like 'Flood the Tanks', Archer switches here between rockier numbers and the more intimate. On 'Canal Song', 'Everything I've Got' and 'Long Jump' he has songs to equal 2004's 'Pressure Drop', 'Boy Boy Boy' and 'Does This Have a Name?', but with four of the last six songs slow numbers, 'Magnetic North' has fewer sparks towards the close.

That said, Archer's talent is often startling and life-affirming and if you find yourself at a loose end for someone 'new' to hear, buy this album. And 'Flood the Tanks'.

Harry Guerin