With the graph showing the release of Irish albums since 2000 now dwarfing The Spire, it becomes ever more important for the artist to make their work stand out - and the danger of a good record slipping through the cracks for the listener becomes ever greater.

Having achieved the former in style, it would be a shame if Scott didn't get all the attention that she deserves for this consistently intriguing collection.

While Scott will be classed by some as an Irish singer-songwriter, the energy and imagination shown when 'We're Smiling' is at its best shows she deserves to be known as something other than a Wexford Street troubadour.

There are big jumps here from her 2003 debut. Scott now has the ability to turn the volume up and down with equal conviction and shows greater skill in summoning the power of atmospherics, with a fine supporting cast which bring out the best in every song.

The challenge now is for Scott to push the sound here even further and take more risks with styles - her voice is too good not to.

Harry Guerin