There are many ways to deal with the success of a critically acclaimed debut album. Deciding to work in a DVD shop is one of the more unusual ones. But when he'd finally tired of being asked 'Got anything new?', Ciaran McFeeley - aka Simple Kid -took down the eight-track, tuned up the banjo and let loose making another concoction of the odd, the endearing and the catchy.

Building on the atmosphere of 2003's 'SK1', Simple Kid has added more depth and colour to his music, resulting in some irresistible moments – the singalong 'lil' King Kong', the sad and dreamy 'Serotonin' and the jewel of them all, 'Self-Help Book', which, along with Jape's 'Falling', is one of the best Irish songs in years.

Not all the tracks reach such heights, but 'SK2's quirky energy sets it apart from the countless other records that come out every week. And if you're one of the people who wondered what all the fuss was about the first time 'round, then this is an album that you should hear.

Harry Guerin