The trouble with many electronic albums is that while they have a pulse it's often difficult to find a heart. But that's not something that troubles 'Coping Mechanisms', the meticulously assembled debut album from Dubliner Si Schroeder, where tenderness triumphs over technology.

With the boundaries between singer-songwriter and man-with-machines blurred, and happy and sad fading in and out, this is a record that keeps throwing up new sounds and trains of thought.

It's also one that works best when you give in to patience and allow all the pieces to interlock - however tempting, listening to individual tracks curtails the experience.

There are times when its creator is getting too lost in sound but 'Coping Mechanisms' ultimately throws up the interesting paradox of wanting to hear more of where this journey takes Schroeder and also wanting to hear him setting out on a different one with just his voice and a guitar.

Many have received far more praise for far less.

Harry Guerin