With a sound that is a cross between Luke Kelly and Brendan Keeley, George Murphy has a maturity beyond his years that really comes through in his unique brand of music, which blends native influences with somewhat more modern sounds.

Firmly placed within the old Irish folk music realm during his stint on 'You're A Star', Murphy has now expanded his horizons with a new range of music, which proves that there are rare occasions when musical talent shows result in a real find.

The idea of the heartfelt up-tempo ballad, with strong folk influences, is still present on most tracks but Murphy has left behind the 'Raglan Road' of his past, in favour of a sound that is much fresher and bolder than what we've previously heard him sing.

He excels on the big gutsy ballads like 'No Time for Cowboys', which draw out his gravelly voice and show off his vocal power. The wistful 'Something Outta Nothing' and the lamenting 'Somebody to Hold' also really suit his unique sound, making for easy listening, tap-your-foot type of music.

'And So the Story Goes' leaves you wishing that there was more music like this being made in Ireland - where a talented performer just seems to belt out tunes that he feels truly comfortable with, a la Mundy and Paddy Casey.

At times, you have to do a double-take and remind yourself that Murphy is so young, with plenty of time to explore music and the different sounds that he can produce with the commanding instrument that is his voice.

An artist with a lot to offer; many of the great Irish performers that have gone before would most likely be very proud to hear the current comparisons.

Linda McGee