With 'Unpredictable' the multi-talented Jamie Foxx does himself no favours. Up until now we've known him mostly as an actor and comedian, one who could sing quite well too. All that could be about to change because of this error in judgment.

After his Oscar-winning performance in the Ray Charles biopic 'Ray', we know Jamie Foxx can sing – and so the fault with this album certainly doesn't lie with his vocal ability.

From the outset 'Unpredictable' shapes up as a cheese-fest of dodgy R'n'B tracks, with Foxx taking on the role of Mr Loverman as he croons about pleasing the ladies and such like.

Isn't an essential element of R'n'B rhythm? Not on this album it seems – the songs feel forced, with Foxx blabbing on in rap-style rhyme track after track, with little to differentiate any of the offerings. So, when you see the list of collaborators here, you feel that there might be some hope to rescue it all. Alas, no. You're instead left wondering how he managed to pull in such big names as Mary J Blige, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and The Game.

Every track on 'Unpredictable' seems to overstay its welcome – like a seemingly never-ending journey that you keep willing to its finish. On paper this sounds like it should have been a great album but it just doesn't translate. The 'parental advisory' sticker on the front cover warns "strong language, sexual content"... It could also read 'and not a lot else'.

Unpredictable? Sure, who'd have predicted that someone so talented in so many respects could produce something so distinctly average?

Linda McGee