Having become the victims of major label ping-pong, New Jersey quintet Rye Coalition finally release 'Curses' through their former indie home Gern Blandsten - almost three full years after it was recorded.

How they found themselves in such a shelf space limbo is a mystery: 'Curses' was produced by and guest stars Dave Grohl and finds the self-dubbed 'Hard Luck Five' rocking in a way that many of their US contemporaries can only manage in front of the bedroom mirror.

With frontman Ralph Cuseglio indulging his inner David Lee Roth and tag-team guitars throughout, it's an album with much for fans of 1970s sounds and in 'Pussyfootin'' and 'Burn the Masters' two opening tracks that would stand out even back in the (hey)day.

Not the most original thing you'll hear this year, but hands down one of the coolest.

Harry Guerin