There's a lot more exposure now and a big name producer (John Leckie - Radiohead, Stone Roses, Muse) on board, but Rodrigo y Gabriela might as well still be playing on the street or at someone's party - such is the spontaneity and intimacy of their third album.

Given the speed of their journeys from A to G and back again here, it would be easy for this record to become a blur of virtuosity and connect only intermittently, instead each track has its own personality and energy.

The two standout moments however - perhaps through years of familiarity - are their reworking of 'Stairway to Heaven' and cover of Metallica's 'Orion'. The former ditches rock for jazzier environs, while the latter has the magical quality of being a fascinating flipside to the original and just as good as it.

In many ways this album feels like a crossroads. The duo seem to have taken this sound as far as they can, the challenge waiting now is to spark off other musicians, turn other genres inside out and maybe even plug in.

Until then, they've given us plenty to get lost in - and air guitarists their toughest workout of the year.

Harry Guerin