As anyone who's seen them live will attest to, Republic of Loose's debut 'This is the Tomb of the Juice' did the sextet so little justice that they should've asked themselves for their money back.

The musical equivalent of a kebab on the last bus - sloppy and messy, some bits of it were tasty but there was no end to it - the album left you fearing that this was another Irish outfit that promised much but would probably come a cropper sooner rather than later.

The fight back came with last summer's sublime single 'Comeback Girl' and now 'Aaagh!' keeps up the momentum - at times making you wonder whether the same band were responsible for both albums.

At nearly an hour, it shares some of the paunch of its predecessor but when ROL get it right they get it so right, with 'The Translation', 'Mary Caine' and 'All Mine' all singles in waiting - and a couple of others also in the reckoning.

Whereas 'Tomb of the Juice' ran out of ideas too quickly, 'Aaagh!' is overflowing with them, an album that can trace its family tree from 1980s funk and electro to today's hip-hop, with a great lyrical and vocal performance from frontman Mick Pyro.

It's almost inconceivable that a band like Republic of Loose could've existed here 10 or 15 years ago; now that they do the prospects of them not bettering this album seem just as remote.

Harry Guerin