Bedroom Classics - 2006 - 33 minutes

Having lived and recorded in Nashville for a number of years, Josh Rouse packed his bags and headed for Spain's Mediterranean coast.

And at first it seems that the experience of making 'Subtitulo' in a studio in Southern Spain with a pool and meals outside was all just a little too laidback, with the album feeling slight and disappointing. Yet, while short and low key, 'Subtitulo' eventually reveals itself to be a strong collection - not Rouse's best work, but one that offers some real romantic charms.

Chief among them is 'It Looks Like Love', a feelgood Rouse classic that deserved to be a single far more than current  - admittedly beautiful - choice 'Quiet Town'. Elsewhere the freewheeling sound of 'His Majesty Rides' and 'Givin' It Up' recall Rouse's '1972' album while 'Jersey Clowns', which initially comes across as something of an acoustic non-event, turns out to be one of Rouse's most sublime moments.

Not the album to start with for Rouse newcomers, but one with more than enough to keep fans looking forward to his next move.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Quiet Town - Summertime - It Looks Like Love - La Costa Blanca - Jersey Clowns - His Majesty Rides - Givin' It Up - Wonderful - The Man Who... - El Otro Lado