Infernal Records - 2006 - 31 minutes

Shelved after the death of his filmmaker friend Ted Demme in 2002, 'Amber Headlights' shows that even Greg Dulli's unfinished business is better than most artists' completed albums.

While Dulli's first Twilight Singers record in 2000 swapped amps for atmospherics, this one - worked on between spring 2001 and the following January - harks back to the swaggering rock of his former band the Afghan Whigs, using a revolving line-up of musicians but sounding as tight and focussed as any road tested band.

Shining brightest here is 'Early Today (and Later That Night)', as perfect an introduction to Dulli's magic as any newcomer could hope to hear, and yet another favourite for fans to add to the pile.

At just nine tracks and 31 minutes, 'Amber Headlights' is a short ride, but these songs were too good not to see the light of day.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: So Tight - Cigarettes - Domani - Early Today (And Later That Night) - Golden Boy - Black Swan - Pussywillow - Wicked - Get the Wheel