Sony/BMG - 2005 - 53 minutes

With their second album, since shooting to fame on the first series of 'The X Factor', G4 continue with their uniquely dubbed 'pop-opera' style of music, churning out impressive versions of classic pop and rock anthems.

This time around the quartet of classical vocalists are joined by music legends, such as Robin Gibb, Cliff Richard and Lesley Garrett, as they tackle more popular ballads and classical hits alike.

On one level there's a smoothness about everything that G4 do that is commendable, but it also gives the impression that these lads don't seem overly challenged by anything that they produce anymore. While this is a massive testament to their vocal talent it also leaves you wanting a little more from them. At times, as you listen to this album, you wish they'd notch it up a gear or two - do something different, maybe not play it quite as safe as releasing an album featuring a duet with Cliff Richard in the run-up to Christmas (although 'Miss You Nights' is covered exceptionally well).

Maybe it was a case of the novelty factor making them seem so fresh with their first studio album. This time around their efforts have resulted in a record that is vocally flawless but, in places, feels lacking in terms of imagination. The covers are everything they should be in terms of vocal precision, but energy is often lost in detail.

That said, there are some really great tracks on this album, especially their take on Coldplay's hit 'Yellow' and Christina's Aguilera's 'Beautiful'. 'You're the Voice' and 'I Vow to Thee My Country' are also worth a listen. Possibly what makes G4's take on some of the biggest hits of our time strangely engaging is that you can really appreciate the lyrics. Refreshingly distinct, with wonderful vocal clarity, the songs are presented to us in a whole new light.

This year's 'X Factor' losers must surely be able to take hope from this success story. Commercially viable, crowd-pleasing and hugely charismatic, G4 seem set to drag a lengthy career out of what was meant to be five minutes of reality TV fame and why not milk it?

But how much fun would it be to see them ditch the suits and tackle something a bit more rock 'n' roll. Maybe cover a U2 track, something by Bon Jovi, or even a Green Day hit, for their next album? And there surely will be a next one.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Barcelona (with Lesley Garrett) - Yellow - When A Child Is Born - Fever - Miss You Nights (with Cliff Richard) - La Donna É Mobile (from Rigoletto) - Another Day - The Last Song - You're The Voice - First of May (with Robin Gibb) - The Wonder of You - I Vow To Thee, My Country - Beautiful - Remember Me - Au Fond, Temple Saint (from The Pearl Fishers)