Peacefrog - 2005 - 30 minutes

One of those sleeper albums only now getting the attention it deserved all along, González's solo debut has risen fast on the mainstream radar thanks to his cover of The Knife's song 'Heartbeats' soundtracking the Sony BRAVIA TV ad.

But while that's the track that will draw many to 'Veneer', its treasures are numerous, and shifting, depending on your mood.

Having spent time in Sweden's punk, hardcore and indie rock scenes, González returned to his Latin roots for a sound that incorporates bossa nova, flamenco and tango with the haunting ambience that many acoustic players can summon up and make their own.

On tracks like 'Stay in the Shade' and 'Deadweight on Velveteen' his playing has a hypnotic quality that dovetails perfectly with his voice and, unlike many of his peers, the songs reel you in straight away.

Perhaps one of the best lessons that González learned from his punk roots is to keep things short and to the point: 'Veneer' clocks in at just 30 minutes, and there's neither a moment wasted or overplayed.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Slow Moves - Remain - Lovestain - Heartbeats - Crosses - Deadweight on Velveteen - All You Deliver - Stay in the Shade - Hints - Save Your Day - Broken Arrow