Out on a Limb - 2005 - 36 minutes

In one of his many classic scenes as gruff detective Regan in 'The Sweeney', the actor John Thaw introduces himself and partner Carter to a suspect with the brilliant line: "We're the Sweeney - and we haven't had any dinner." giveamanakick are also an no-nonsense duo who come across like they haven't had a feed - but in singer-guitarist Steve and drummer Keith's case it sounds like months, not hours.

While transferring the aggression of a gig to an album is no easy task, giveamanakick leave you in no doubt that, at home or out, you'll get what you paid for from their stomp and swing. As befits a band whose lineage can be traced back to NoMeans No, The Minutemen and countless other hardcore bands who got their money's worth out of a hi-hat, there's an energy here that's infectious - and keeps you hooked even when the racket gets repetitive towards the end.

Having shown just how tight and accomplished players they are with this album, on super-charged standouts like 'Bobby Dazzler' and 'Grabbity', the challenge now for Steve and Keith is to add more colours to their brand of white noise, without losing their power or sense of mischief.

Stay hungry, gents.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Bobby Dazzler - Grabbity - Let God Touch Your Children - Hatch 77 - The Taking - Pocket of Silence - Spit - Red Faced Killers - Aquaplaning - Sick from Motion - Non-Emo Outsiders - Suffer the Gowls