Universal/Island – 2005 – 48 minutes

Cass first came to our attention when she sang 'Touch Me', co-written with producer Rui Da Silva back in 2001. While the song was a hit, there was no more from Cass, until now. Her debut album, 'Come Here', follows the style of 'Touch Me', but it’s a broader, more diverse offering.

The R&B/hip hop beat of first single 'Out of My Reach' provides one of the most intriguing album openers in quite a while and sets you up for a musically sophisticated album that takes on many flavours. There's rock, soul and dance vibes here, and even a violin jig feel on 'Daddy Dear'.

Cass' rich voice adds to the diversity of the collection also. Similarities to Dido and Joss Stone come to mind when listening to Cass sing. Like the music here, her vocal is coloured by many different influences.

The album falls short of being really outstanding in its words. The lyrics aren't up to the standard of the music or Cass' lovely voice and it detracts from the sophistication of the collection.

Otherwise, 'Come Here' is an interesting debut. A little more work on the lyrics next time should create a superior follow up.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Out of My Reach – Million Dollars – Save Me – Daddy Dear – Come Here – Strangers – Live a Little – Army of One – God Likes Good Lovers – Little Bird – Into the Blue – Touch Me (acoustic)