Evelyn -2004 - 32 minutes

The perception that The Revs should be regarded like toddlers at someone's wedding - try and be charitable, dredge up a smile and hope they go away soon - has been a hard one to shake, but after this album it's banished forever.

Forcing you to dump your baggage by the end of opener 'You Shine', what the trio have come up with here is short, sharp and a massive shock.

Mixing poignancy with pop and power, the likes of 'Here's Where the Conversation Ends' and 'Borderland' show just how much they've grown up in public, while current single 'Time Slippin' has a gritty edge that they should explore even further in the future.

It's the artistic Holy Grail for an outfit to be considered an albums band and not a singles one; here The Revs have their feet in both camps – without sounding like they're trying too hard or taking the easy way out.

And while smugness is never classy, they've plenty of reasons to be grinning wider than most.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: You Shine - Take It All Back - Time Slippin' - Streets - Borderland - A Word from Our Sponsor - Here's Where the Conversation Ends - Every Monkey - Robert - Good Times