Sub Pop Records – 2005 – 39 minutes

The folk/country style of Rosie Thomas makes her latest album a mellow and gentle listen, with some lovely sentiment, though you might feel it too maudlin.

Thomas' voice, reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan's, is lilting and breathy on opening tracks 'Since You've Been Around' and 'Pretty Dress'. It suits her melancholic yet hopeful songs and creates an intimacy with the listener.

The simplicity of Thomas' lyrics is what makes them shine. On 'It Don't Matter to the Sun', particularly, you hear the heartache in her lines: "It ain't gonna stop the world, no/But it'll be the end of mine" and "I'm still in love/Why aren't you?". 'Loose Ends', too, is a lovely song about hope despite the obstacles.

Thomas' music will suit the sentimental among us, though the wistfulness is never really swapped for anything more upbeat. 'Pretty Dress' is the only song with a faster pace here and the album, despite its lovely sound, could have done with more range stylistically.

Definitely one for the romantics.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Since You've Been Around – Pretty Dress – Loose Ends – It Don't Matter to the Sun – Guess it May – Let it Be Me – Clear as a Bell – Say What You Want – Time Goes Away – Death Came and Got Me – Tomorrow