Rounder Records – 2005 – 45 minutes

If you're not familiar with the work of Tracy Bonham, her latest release will make you want to become so.

A rock sound complemented by a versatile vocal permeates the album, with Bonham's voice sounding both aggressive and gentle on opener 'Something Beautiful'. This sets the tone for this energetic album and is nicely followed up by the bitter and reproachful 'I Was Born Without You'.

Bitterness is the order of the day on third track 'And the World has the Nerve to Keep Turning', but there's a hopeful note on 'Eyes' and 'Take Your Love Out on Me'. The overall feel here is jubilant and confident. Bonham sounds wonderful and her tunes are catchy. The standard does drop here and there, but the collection as a whole is enjoyable.

'Blink the Brightest' certainly makes a good show of doing just that and Tracy Bonham's star is set to keep rising.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Something Beautiful – I Was Born Without You – And the World has the Nerve to Keep Turning – Eyes – Take Your Love Out on Me – Whether You Fall – Dumbo Sun – All Thumbs – Naked – Shine – Wilting Flower – Did I Sleep Through it All?