Sony/BMG - 2005 -  54 minutes

Having ridden the tail end of the Britpop whirlwind, Super Furry Animals initially looked like they would be content with 15 minutes of near-fame before shuffling off to obscurity.

But while the titans of Britpop now look jaded, Gruff Rhys and his cohorts can look back in satisfaction at a decade of creative, quirky output.

Their music has always struck a careful balance between oddness and melody, between perfect indie harmony and wild eclecticism. 'Love Kraft' (their seventh album) is an accomplished and beautifully polished addition to their formidable back catalogue.

The joy of SFA has always been their refusal to go with the latest trends, or worse, to steadfastly insist on the bogus 'rock authenticity' indulged in by some of their rivals.

Instead, they revel in their magpie tendencies – dropping a hint of acidic 303 into the end of the rocking 'Lazer Beam' or stirring together raging guitar solos, lush Rhodes organs and a remorseless piano riff lifted from 'Funhouse'-era Stooges into the maelstrom of 'Atomic Lust'.

A quick glance at the tracklist of their recent 'Under The Influence' collection shows exactly where the Super Furry Animals come from – the Beach Boys to Hardfloor via Sly And The Family Stone. You could hardly choose better.

'Love Kraft' displays quality songwriting by all the band's members and their usual brilliantly rich production. Prodigiously talented, fun-loving, carefree, dynamic, exciting; Super Furry Animals are the anti-Coldplay. Rejoice!

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Zoom - Atomik Lust - The Horn - Ohio Heat - Walk You Home - Lazer Beam - Frequency - Oi Frango - Psyclone!- Back on a Roll - Cloudberries - Cabin Fever