IHT - 2005 - 44 minutes

'Life in Slow Motion' hardly seems like an apt title for an artist who is releasing his seventh studio album in just 12 years. However, following one listen it will seem more appropriate given the pace of this album as it trundles from beginning to end.

David Gray's latest release marks the next stage in his evolution as a singer-songwriter. For the recording of 'Life in Slow Motion' Gray abandoned his traditionally small bedroom-sized studio settings and hired the services of an outside producer.

The changes are obvious as the album has a more polished and larger feel to it. The title track and 'Ain't No Love' stand out among this collection of the Welshman's muses.

Overall, the album hints that Gray is clearly content with the niche he has carved out for himself and has avoided any obvious direction change on this outing.

Expect more of the same strongly written songs that we associate with Gray albeit with a more produced touch. 'Life in Slow Motion' was the next logical step for Gray to take and while it is good, it's just a shame that he hasn't given us a new aspect of his musical talent to mull over.

Patrick Kennedy

Tracklisting: Alibi - The One I Love - Lately - Nos Da Cariad - Slow Motion - From Here You Can Almost See the Sea - Ain't No Love - Hospital Food - Now and Always - Disappearing World