Nonesuch Records – 2005 – 47 minutes

Laura Veirs' fifth album again takes its inspiration from nature, but this time makes a bigger noise.

You get a real sense of awe listening to Veirs sing about space and natural phenomena. Her use of lines like "Galaxies pour down my cheeks" gives you a feeling of the vastness of nature, a theme she returns to throughout the album.

2004's 'Carbon Glacier' was a quiet affair, with less emphasis on the sound of the album. 'Year of Meteors', though, makes the music a much bigger piece of the puzzle. The sound is more varied here, with electric guitar twangs combining with the almost cosmic, fleeting notes of other instruments. This is a good thing, as 'Carbon Glacier' could have done with more noise, as it were.

Veirs' poetics mark her as a competent songwriter with an interesting take on things. 'Year of Meteors' should more than please her fans.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Fire Snakes – Galaxies – Secret Someones – Magnetized – Parisian Dream – Rialto – Through the Glow – Cool Water – Spelunking – Black Gold Blues – Where Gravity is Dead – Lake Swimming