Setanta - 2005 - 39 minutes

There's a quote in the Bruce Lee film 'Enter the Dragon' where 1970s martial arts star Jim Kelly's character says that when he is beaten in a fight he won't even notice. The reason? He'll be too busy looking good. It's a line that has some relevance for Dublin quintet The Chalets, who have had far more attention paid to their image than their songs.

And that's the worry here because while The Chalets are MacGyveresque in designing their own look, in the end it's the music, not the trappings - and at times the quirky pop on their debut album has the depth of a compact or is too hand-me-down to convince.

The choice to be made by The Chalets is whether they want to be a singles band or an albums band. The likes of 'Nightrocker' and 'Feel the Machine' show they've no problem with the former, but they stick to that format too rigidly here, with the result that many of the tracks seem interchangeable. Fun yes, but not always memorable.

Given their talent for setting themselves apart from the pack, it would be good to see The Chalets taking this a step further and becoming more adventurous with their sound next time around. They can only release a 'Check In' once, try it again and they could find that they get the same response as wearing an outfit two years too late.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Theme from Chalets - No Style - Red High Heels - Gogo Don't Go - Arrivals - Feel the Machine - Two Chord Song - Fight Your Kids - Nightrocker - Sexy Mistake - Departures - Checkout - Love Punch - Beach Blanket