Mercury Records – 2005 – 43 minutes

The debut album from Norwegian artist Robert Post sees the emergence of another act to watch out for.

An air of melancholy pervades the album, most notably on second track 'Got None' and 'Everything Is Fine'. This feeling is enhanced by Post's yearning, velvet-smooth vocal.

Up-tempo first track 'There's One Thing' has driving guitar rhythms and they feature heavily throughout the album, giving it an energetic feel. You might find that some of the tracks are a bit too drawn out though, which does tend to be a problem where rock is concerned.

It's a nice surprise how pleasant this album is to listen to. Post's vocal and the stirring lyrics are a nice combination. It does seem, from the slightly awkward syntax in parts, that English isn't Post's first language, but that makes the album that bit more interesting and endearing.

Serious music with a smattering of pop, this is a fine debut.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: There's One Thing – Got None – Silence Makes Him Sick – High Tide – More and More – Big Boat – Newborn – Everything is Fine – Ocean and a Tear – Come Home – Far Away From this Town (Bonus track)