EMI – 2005 – 46 minutes

Recorded primarily in New York, Keren Ann's latest album has a very metropolitan aspect to it. Imagine sipping coffee at a trendy café and watching the world go by and you'll be on the right track to discerning the feel of this interesting album.

Keren Ann's whispering vocal sets the pace of the album. It doesn't hurry along, but knows when to change tempo a little. It's to Keren Ann's credit too that the French numbers here are equally as appealing as the English ones, even for those of us who don't speak the language.

Having produced the album herself, Keren Ann has kept it very simple, allowing her mysterious voice to tell the tale primarily. Her descriptive stories draw the listener deep into the music and the melodies give it drama and atmosphere.

With tracks like 'Greatest You Can Find' and 'Chelsea Burns' 'Nolita' has a lovely nostalgic air that begs to be savoured. With each listen you'll find new depth.

'Nolita' is a slow burner, but an intriguing one.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Que n'ai-je? – Greatest You Can Find – Chelsea Burns – One Day Without – La forme et la fond – Nolita – Roses & Hips – Midi dans le salon de la Duchesse – L'Onde amère – For You And I – Song Of Alice