Independiente – 2005 – 52 minutes

Working together for the first time since their second album as Suede, Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler's latest outfit, The Tears, borrow a lot from that earlier partnership. 'Here Come The Tears' announces their uninspiring reunion.

First track 'Refugees' sets the tone for the album and the format barely differs. Similar in style to the duo's incarnation as Suede, The Tears' first offering is also far inferior to Suede's classic collection, 'Dog Man Star'.

'A Love As Strong As Death' is the only track where the tempo changes slightly. While 'Dog Man Star' boasted a host of varying beats and rhythms, 'Here Come The Tears' doesn't. The songs are interesting enough, but they start to blend into each other after a while and the repetition is what affects you most.

Only hearing Anderson's vocal also adds to the monotony. You ultimately come away thinking Butler and Anderson haven't done anything as The Tears that they didn't do better as Suede.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Refugees – Autograph – Co-Star – Imperfection – The Ghost of You – Two Creatures – Lovers – Fallen Idol – Brave New Century – Beautiful Pain – The Asylum – Apollo 13 – A Love As Strong As Death