Domino - 2005 - 46 minutes

His profile raised through his recruitment for Billy Corgan's ill-fated Zwan project and more recently his participation in the long-wished for Slint reunion, guitarist and cult hero David Pajo returns to the low-key yet intense territory he has made his own. But this album - after M, Aerial M and Papa M the first to feature his name proper - could also be the one to give Pajo a wider audience.

Created using bundled music software and with vocals sung into his laptop, Pajo's latest recasts him as a singer-songwriter - with enough of an edge to bring fans of his more experimental work along with him. What his voice lacks in range, it makes up for in allure and while these gentle acoustic tracks can be a challenge to hum, they still stick in the memory.

Whether this is a turning point for Pajo or just an interesting stop-off is the question you'll be left with, but there's so much to enjoy and explore here that you won't feel there's any rush for an answer.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Oh No No - High Lonesome Moan - Ten More Days - Manson Twins - War Is Death - Baby Please Come Home - Icicles - Mary of the Wild Moore - Let Me Bleed - France