Hummingbird Productions/RTÉ/RMG Chart – 2005 – 77 minutes

The third series of 'Other Voices' has featured such talented Irish acts as Paddy Casey, Republic of Loose and The Divine Comedy, as well as Donovan, Eddi Reader and The Cowboy Junkies from the international music scene. It stands to reason then that the accompanying live album would boast a number of notable tracks from the series.

Joe Chester gets the proceedings off to a fine start with 'A Drop of Rain', followed by the energetic Republic of Loose's 'Hold Up'. The album moves from up-tempo to introspective smoothly, nicely capturing the intimacy of the setting and the relaxed atmosphere.

With a collection as diverse as this, everyone's bound to have their own favourites, but Eddi Reader's beautiful 'Kite Flyer's Hill' is among the highlights, as are Declan O'Rourke, Paddy Casey, Emiliana Torrini and Mark Lanegan's offerings.

A few of the tracks, Donovan's 'Sunshine Superman' and Steve Earle's 'Ellis Unit 1' are surprising selections, since it might be argued that they played stronger songs than these in their sets, but that's really a matter of taste. Any quibbles about what was or wasn't included should be well and truly quieted by the quality of the collection.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Joe Chester: A Drop of Rain – Republic of Loose: Hold Up – Emiliana Torrini: Sunnyroad – Angela McCluskey: It's Been Done – The Chalets: GoGo (Don't Go) – Declan O'Rourke: Galileo – Paddy Casey: Saints & Sinners – Donovan: Sunshine Superman – Eddi Reader: Kite Flyers Hill – Tom Baxter: Day in Verona – The Divine Comedy: Our Mutual Friend – Cowboy Junkies: Misguided Angel – Steve Earle: Ellis Unit 1 – Kathleen Edwards: Back to Me – Gavin Friday: Angel – Autamata: Liberty Bell – Sonny Condell: Hungry – Mark Lanegan Band: Wedding Dress