4AD - 2005 - 52 minutes

Four years on from his debut 'Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers', Dave Edwards' - aka Minotaur Shock - love of the sea has now launched his second album.

With a more diverse and instant sound than its predecessor, 'Maritime' is a fine example of just how memorable instrumentals can be when everything is in its right place.

Neither self-indulgent nor elitist, Edwards' latest deserves a bigger audience than just those in the know - if his first album was one to rub your chin to, 'Maritime' is one you can often smile and sometimes dance to.

The likes of 'Vigo Bay' and 'Six Foolish Fishermen' show that Edwards should play up his quirky pop leanings more but, really, even the fussiest electronica enthusiast should find something to admire here.

A pleasure cruise if ever there was one.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Muesli - (She's in) Dry Dock Now - Vigo Bay - Six Foolish Fishermen - Hilly - Twosley - Somebody Once Told Me It Existed But They Never Found It - Luck Shield - Mistaken Tourist - The Broads - Four Magpies