Ice Cream Records – 2005 – 38 minutes

Bird – real name Janie Price – is a singer-songwriter from London with Irish and English roots. Her debut album, 'The Insides' focuses on just that. It's an introspective offering, with a few really stellar tracks.

Opening with the hopeful 'Behind Closed Eyes', the album showcases Bird's almost brittle vocal which, coupled with tinkling melodies throughout, makes the collection lovely to listen to. The highlights are 'Slowly Slowly', 'Love Songs on the Radio' and the excellent 'Shoes Should All Cost the Same'.

While she wrote, or co-wrote, most of the songs, Bird also contributes a lot musically to the album. Her cello, toy orchestra and percussion playing add to the very orchestral sound here.

Some of the songs could have done with a little work, particularly 'We Care' and the forgettable 'Machine Ballerina', but 'The Insides' is a good debut for Bird.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Behind Closed Eyes – We Care – Landslide – Rewind – Slowly Slowly – Runaway – Falling Like Stars – Love Songs on the Radio – Shoes Should All Cost the Same – Machine Ballerina