Grand Central - 2005 - 54 minutes

Broadway Project mainman Dan Berridge released two intriguing albums - 2000's 'Compassion' and 2003 'The Vessel' - before 'In Finite', but if you've never heard him before, then this instrumental record is the place to start.

Always refusing to get stuck in any particular groove, his move to new label Grand Central also signals yet another bold change in sound and, one imagines, a wider audience.

Surrounding himself with a great set of players, on 'In Finite' Berridge lands in that territory where the borders of epic and jazz encroach. The result is an album that is both dark and beautiful and has the greatest impact when you commit each time to listening to it from start to finish.

Headphones were made for a head trip like this.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: K - I, Partisan - Blood in the Temple - Coutance/Magic Mirrors - A Japanese Garden - Raga - Ancient Voices - Solar, Lunar - Debouch - Screwtape's Mistake - The World - Message From the East - The 3rd Stream