Sony – 2005 – 44 minutes

Probably the most unusual act to emerge from the reality television phenomenon, G4 have taken classical music to an audience who might have cluelessly guessed that 'Nessun Dorma' was a dish on an Indian takeout menu.

Classically trained at the Guildhall School of Music and assured in their group vocals, G4 give us a whole new take on some of the most popular songs in our modern history. Opening with perhaps the most challenging of those tracks, the group's version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is extremely impressive. Accepting that Queen's classic just cannot be topped, G4 present what is a brave and unique version of the hit.

Adapting pop ballads to a classical style, the group boast wonderful harmonies and are certainly not afraid to put their own stamp on the featured tracks, so much so that you'll find yourself breaking into full classical flight when you next hear the originals of songs like 'Everybody Hurts' and 'Circle of Life'.

However, G4 also prove that they can do straight classical just as well as reinvention, with a stunning version of 'Nessun Dorma'. Jonathan Ansell, in particular, sets each track alight with his amazing vocals, heading up a group of extremely talented vocalists, who have managed to exploit a very particular niche in the music market.

It's obvious that these guys weren't just chancing their arms when they stepped up to audition for the 'X Factor'. With charisma oozing from the bunch and their obvious love of music shining through, G4 are deserving of whatever successes come their way.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Bohemian Rhapsody – Nessun Dorma – Everybody Hurts – Circle of Life – Creep – To Where You Are – Life on Mars – The Flower Duet (from 'Lakme') – Broken Vow – Jerusalem – You'll Never Alone – My Way