Matador - 2005 - 45 minutes

A cult band ready for the jump to something bigger... that's how Spoon sound on 'Gimme Fiction'. Since their formation in 1994, the duo of Britt Daniel and Jim Eno have built up a following by being a band impossible to second guess - style changes from album to album, grooves that only reveal themselves after repeated lessons on some songs and make sense straight away on others.

Sharing space with a song as catchy and radio-deserving as 'Sister Jack' (classic lyric: "I was on the outside looking in/I was in a drop-d metal band called Requiem"), the rest of the tracks on 'Gimme Fiction' have their work cut out, but there are other highlights too, most notably the throbbing bass/drum shuffle of 'Was It You?' and the Hall and Oates-recalling 'They Never Got You'.

Perhaps Spoon's greatest achievement here, however, is to make an album where the songs could have come from any time period over the last 30 years. While many of today's more feted and hyped outfits' work will date badly, Daniel and Eno have nothing to fear from the passage of time.

And that's the truth.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: The Beast and the Dragon, Adored - Two Sides/Monsieur Valentine - I Turn My Camera On - My Mathematical Mind - The Delicate Place - Sister Jack - I Summon You - The Infinite Pet - Was It You? - They Never Got You - Merchants of Soul