Independent Records – 2005 – 42 minutes

Former frontman with The Prayer Boat, Emmett Tinley's new album is emotive and lyrically beautiful, but there's not much cheer here.

Opening track 'Comfort Me', about doubt and dysfunction in relationships, sets the scene thematically on 'Attic Faith'. It's followed by 'Heart Still Breaking', concentrating on memories of a lost love and 'Snow Dome', about a turbulent break up.

'I Want You' is the only upbeat, celebratory song about love, while 'Snow Dome' also ups the tempo. Together they bring a welcome change in mood from mournful tracks like 'Amsterdam Weeps' and 'Heart Still Breaking'.

Lyrically, 'Attic Faith' is top stuff as evidenced in, "It's a lie honey, what I follow/But it's the sweetest thing I've swallowed', from 'I Want You'. There's a real emotional maturity to the lyrics throughout that's very engaging.

Touching and memorable songs make 'Attic Faith' very heartfelt and honest. It would be nice if it was a bit livelier, though.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Comfort Me – Christmastreet – Closer To Happy – I Want You – Two Years On – Heart Still Breaking – Killing The One I Love – Snow Dome – Come To Life – Amsterdam Weeps