Warner Music – 2005 – 46 minutes

With her debut album Annie explodes onto the music scene, effectively bringing a new vitality to the arena and revisiting the chart hits of the 1980s.

'Anniemal' is 'bubblegum' pop in all its stickiness, quite literally so on 'Chewing Gum'. But if you think you're in for similar melodies the whole way through, you're in for a surprise. Annie turns to a more rhythmic sound on 'Always Too Late', almost rapping her way through parts of it. The album mixes electronica with R&B, soul and dance throughout, most notably on 'No Easy Love' and 'Greatest Hit'.

The vibe recalls Madonna's early years, playing at dance clubs. Annie even based her first single 'Greatest Hit' on a loop from the Queen of Pop's 'Everybody'. There are many reminders here of early pop tunes, with Annie's breathy vocal even calling to mind the voices of ABBA.

The lyrics are a little inane, particularly on the title track, but the sophistication of Annie's almost synthetic sound is really what this is all about. No doubt Annie will fill plenty of dance floors and today's pre-teens will think of her music as the pinnacle of pop a few years down the line.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Intro – Chewing Gum – Always Too Late – Me Plus One – Heartbeat – Helpless Fool for Love – Anniemal – No Easy Love – Happy Without You – Greatest Hit – Come Together – My Best Friend