For many artists, following up 'lifestyle albums', those records which end up becoming like a piece of furniture in someone's living room, isn't easy - witness the efforts of David Gray, Macy Gray, Air and Moby.

The massive-selling 'Play' was followed by the below par '18' and now comes 'Hotel', a collection that often sounds as clinical and anonymous as its title suggests.

The first Moby album without vocal samples, it's overlong and far too samey - only some moments with singer Laura Dawn grab the attention. Elsewhere Moby sounds dated ('I Like It', 'Spiders') or just too dull ('Love Should', 'Forever') to deserve the effort.

You'll forget your stay very quickly.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Hotel Intro - Raining Again - Beautiful - Lift Me Up - Where You End - Temptation - Spiders - Dream About Me - Very - I Like It - Love Should - Slipping Away - Forever - Homeward Angel