Interscope - 2005 - 56 minutes

Perhaps there are those who think that ...Trail of Dead's time as a band of the moment came and went about five years ago - around the release of their album 'Madonna'. Whether 'Worlds Apart' will change minds is anyone's guess, but it is the most varied album the Texans have released.

It begins in thundering fashion with 'Will You Smile Again' and is followed by the title track, a scathing, yet musically upbeat assessment of America post 11 September. But thereafter Trail of Dead experiment more with texture and melody in between their bluster - witness the backing singers on 'All White' and the soft whirr of 'The Lost City of Refuge'.

This is an album that initially seems to only have a few high points, but stick with it and it rewards. That truly great record still eludes the band, but three strong ones in succession is more than most manage these days.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Ode To Isis - Will You Smile Again - Worlds Apart - The Summer of '91 - The Rest Will Follow - Caterwaul - A Classic Art Showcase - Let It Dive - To Russia, My Homeland - All White - The Best - The Lost City of Refuge - Aged Dolls (Live) - Richter Scale Madness (Live)