Matador - 2005 - 43 minutes

It might not happen too often - so you appreciate it all the more when it does - but sometimes a day can be memorable simply because you've kept turning the dial on a radio to latch on to one great song after another. Now the sweet-voiced M Ward has made that experience into an album.

Sounding like he's blurring the line between artist and archivist, 'Transistor Radio' plays like a tribute to the past but also says that the future's in safe hands with the likes of Ward around. He's fearless when it comes to sitting styles beside each other - country, blues, boogie woogie, instrumentals to name a few - and so this album has something for everyone.

You can start at any point and work backwards or forwards or just stay stuck in the one song for ages - every way you'll find a trusted friend in no time at all.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: You Still Believe in Me - One Life Away - Sweethearts on Parade - Hi-Fi - Fuel for Fire - Four Hours in Washington - Regeneration No 1 - Big Boat - Paul's Song - Radio Campaign - Here Comes the Sun Again - Deep Dark Well - Oh Take Me Back - I'll Be Yr Bird - Lullaby + Exile - Well-Tempered Clavier