Rabid Records -  2005 - 55 minutes

The Knife eh? As Gloria Estefan once said, "it cuts both ways".

It's unlikely that the princess of Cubano pop was talking about Swedish brother and sister duo The Knife, but there are undoubtedly two distinct sides to the Stockholm electro-poppers.

The determined feyness of their synth-heavy backing tracks is sometimes delightful and inventive (the kettle drums of 'Pass This On', the string-heavy lament of 'Behind the Bushes'). At other times it is simply horrible - the pounding Eurodisco of 'Listen Now' is a blast from the hideous past of pop-trance.

There's plenty of nice moments on 'Deep Cuts'. The swirling chords of 'You Take My Breath Away' come close to pop heaven, and 'Hangin' Out' is a great sleazy strut. But The Knife's Achilles' heel must be the singing. Karin's lead vocals will divide the critics - I found this unholy combination of Bjork, Kate Bush and yer one from Roxette to be borderline unlistenable.

The Knife might be ones to watch, but for now they are missing the cut.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Heartbeats - Girls Night Out - Pass This On - One for One - The Cop - Listen Now - She's Having a Baby - You Take My Breath Away - Rock Classics - Is it Medicine - You Make Me -Like Charity - Got 2 Let U - Behind the Bushes - Hangin' Out -
This is Now - Handy-man - The Bridge