Self Possessed Records – 2005 – 50 minutes

Following his 1997 solo debut 'Between Trapezes', Nick Kelly releases 'Running Dog', an album that has a few high points, but several low ones.

The album begins well, with 'You're Gonna Fall' making a big impact, followed by the unapologetic and dreamy 'New Star'. 'Don't Stay Inside' too has a nice beat and rhythm to it. The rest of the album, though, is a big letdown.

Kelly's breathy, measured vocal on tracks like 'The Loneliest Ghost in Père Lachaise', 'Home Boy' and 'Mystery of Love' comes across as weak and uncomfortable, as if he's holding back a lot. It actually sounds here like he can't sing very well, which is not true.

His slow pace on these songs is out of sync with the music at times also and the tracks seem interminably long - unfortunate because the first two songs at least showed promise.

'Running Dog' is a misleading title for an album that loses momentum very early.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: You're Gonna Fall – New Star – You Will Love Again – Tamagotchi – Don't Stay Inside – The Loneliest Ghost in Père Lachaise – Home Boy – Not Enough Love (to Go Around) – Small Hours – Brand New York Day – Mystery of Love