Echo - 2005 - 40 minutes

Downplaying their hard edge and replacing it with a mature, confident sound, Feeder return with an album of hope, loss and love.

Toned, softer and relaxed, the tracks here have a generally positive outlook on life and a new appreciation of it, which is probably linked to their late drummer, Jon Lee. There are a lot of potential singles on 'Pushing the Senses' - including the piano-based 'Frequency' and the fast-paced 'Pilgrim Soul - to go alongside 'Tumble and Fall', a great soft rock anthem full of textured lyrics and streamlined guitar playing.

From the joyous opening track 'Feeling A Moment' to the acoustic, John Lennon-sounding closer 'Dove Grey Sounds', this is an album of contrasts. Lead singer Grant Nicholas' vocals show much development and his voice brings the album to a smoother, clearer sound on tracks like 'Pain on Pain', 'Bitter Glass' and 'Tender'.

Refreshingly different to the music Britain is churning out, Feeder have created an uplifting album that should pay off big for the band. And why not? 'Pushing the Senses' is strong and confident, with a love of life attitude that hasn't been heard of late.

George Griffin

Tracklisting: Feeling a Moment - Bitter Glass - Tumble and Fall -
Tender - Pushing The Senses - Frequency - Morning Life - Pilgrim Soul - Pain on Pain - Dove Grey Sands