Heavenly - 2005 - 46 minutes

Bleary-eyed mornings or cinematic late nights - Doves' music never really sounds right during the daytime. And 'Some Cities' deserves to soundtrack millions of each - if only a hundredth of the frenzy and bluster that greeted U2's 'How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb' would come Doves' way…

2002's 'The Last Broadcast' sometimes suggested a band with stadiums on their minds; 'Some Cities' goes in the opposite direction, the trio sounding like they're left playing for lonely hearts in near-empty ballrooms. Lead single 'Black and White Town' will be the instant favourite but there are treasures throughout - 'Snowden' (sic) reels you in with its mix of melancholy and power; 'Sky Starts Falling' ups the pace but still fits into the overcast ambience and 'Weather the Storm' drifts in sleepiness but has an eerie edge to keep you awake.

Few albums are accomplished enough to make you wish for bad weather. This is one of them.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Some Cities - Black and White Town - Almost Forgot Myself - Snowden - The Storm - Walk in Fire - One of These Days - Someday Soon - Shadows of Salford - Sky Starts Falling - Ambition