Sony – 2004 – 55 minutes

Australian singer Delta Goodrem's uplifting voice captivated listeners with the release of 'Innocent Eyes' in 2003. Following a battle with cancer, she returns with 'Mistaken Identity', a more grown-up offering, but an album that doesn't quite live up to Goodrem's potential.

Goodrem sounds very fragile and vulnerable on tracks like 'Be Strong' and 'You Are My Rock' and quite forceful and strong on the title track and 'A Little Too Late'. She can colour her voice beautifully and even has the ability to make your spine tingle.

In terms of subject matter, Goodrem aims to show that she's an independent woman, who knows what she wants. 'Mistaken Identity' and 'A Little Too Late' show her trying to cast off her innocent, childlike image for a more mature one. There are also the requisite love songs, with 'Out of the Blue' and 'Sanctuary'. Her recent experience with Hodgkins Lymphoma has also influenced her work, most evidently in 'The Analyst' and 'You Are My Rock'.

Her songs are immensely singable, perfectly suited to the pop market, but there's a maturity behind them that you just don't get with other pop acts. Goodrem is clearly at home sitting at her piano and singing solo and that's what she does best. This time around, she makes much more use of backing singers and the production is bigger.

It's this that's holding her back. 'Innocent Eyes' was an intimate offering, where we really got to hear Delta, while 'Mistaken Identity' seems more produced and less natural. Goodrem has real promise, which we may get to see if she's allowed to develop her style instead of being turned into a packaged commodity.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Out of the Blue – The Analyst – Mistaken Identity – Sanctuary – A Little Too Late – Be Strong – Last Night on Earth – Almost Here (duet with Brian McFadden) – Miscommunication – Electric Storm – Extraordinary Day – Fragile – Disorientated – You Are My Rock