Casablanca Music/Universal - 2004 - 41 minutes

Already established as a talent in the world of acting, surely if fairness was to win out then Lindsay Lohan's first album would check in at a bare mediocre. Alas life is not fair, and it would seem that Lohan is indeed the multi-talented pretty girl that we all envy.

'Speak' opens with all the raw emotion and teenage angst that you'd expect from an artist of Lohan's age, very much reminiscent of Avril Lavigne's beginnings. And this tortured theme is sustained throughout the album in tracks like 'Symptoms of You' and 'Disconnected'.

But what makes the album most impressive is Lohan's apparent ease in carrying various styles. While her vocals are not sensational, their gritty edge keeps Lohan more than afloat throughout this album. On tracks like 'To Know Your Name' Lohan engages with a subtler style, revealing a wonderful versatility in her music.

It's hard to see how some very successful singles won't emerge from this for Lohan, perhaps in songs like 'Very Last Moment in Time' and ' To Know Your Name'. Grungy, passionate and distinctly positive in vibe, 'Speak' really does what it says on the label.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: First - Nobody 'Til You - Symptoms of You - Speak - Over - Something I Never Had - Anything But Me - Disconnected - To Know Your Name - Very Last Moment in Time - Magnet - Rumors