Domino - 2005 - 46 minutes

This is Hood's sixth full-length album and proves to be a strong one. When the band set out to make it, founder bassist Richard Adams wanted it to "jump right out of the speakers" and to make it "emotionally draining". And Hood have succeeded. The work on 'Outside Closer', although not easily hummable, is full of rich melodies and interesting mixes.

The album's first single 'The Lost You' is a powerful blend of indie, piano and samples featuring the voice of Robert Wyatt. The follow up single 'The Negatives', which is out mid-March, steers away from the rap beats and sample mixes of 'The Lost You' and focuses more on the distant, tired vocal side of the band.

Hood have the ability to reach a wider audience and be up there with the likes of Radiohead - a band they are often mistaken for. But what holds them back is that in the many years that they have been around they refuse to make up their minds as to what type of band they really are. Their style is constantly changing and if you want to appreciate Hood you need to understand their sleepy lyrics, which they refuse to publish.

'Outside Closer' is a bold step, fusing different types of music together to create an entirely different sound. Elusive, yet authoritative, Hood have made a spectacular album.

George Griffin

Tracklisting: (Int) - The Negatives… - Any Hopeful Thoughts Arrive - End of One Train Working - Winter 72 - The Lost You - Still Rain Fell - Fading Hills - Closure - This Is It, Forever