Ver - 2004 - 21 minutes

Despite successes like Future Kings of Spain, Therapy? and Kerbdog, and the appetite for US bands, hard rock still seems to be a genre playing catch-up on this island. Should a global shortage of singer-songwriters ever arise, we can answer the emergency call, but people who can put their feet on monitors and not feel either self-conscious or ironic, well, they're another story.

So it's welcome, then, when any band moves in the right direction. Even better when they're good at it, as Revile are. The mood of 90s Seattle hangs heavy over 'The Moment in Review', but there are touches of A Perfect Circle too - and an understanding that light and shade will always mean more than everything louder than everything else.

They've lost their singer since this mini-album and are looking for another one. So, onwards and upwards. After all, there's some catching up to do.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Id - Living Receiver - Forever Later - Choice & Consequence - Blood & Brine