Sony Urban Music/Columbia - 2004 - 52 minutes

After a spell apart, which was kind to the development of their solo careers, Destiny's Child have reunited for another trip to the studio. It's an ill-advised move - as individual performers the girls had just begun to sparkle; now what they once had collectively
seems to have evaporated.

The single star on the top of this review was earned by 'Lose My Breath'. It's catchy, it's infectious, it makes you want to storm the dancefloor against your better judgement (which is something the ladies could have exercised on this album).

Destiny's Child made their name as slick merchants of girl-power, elegantly independent women. As a marketing device it worked. Their female fan-base latched onto their devil-may-care attitude of self-reliance and self-importance. They produced tacky theme tunes for life's cruelties. And don't get me wrong, they did it well.

That's probably why 'Destiny Fulfilled' is such a letdown. It's filled with clichés and downtrodden mawkish songs of dependence and submission, the complete opposite of what the trio once stood for. You've got to hear some of the lyrics here to believe it. "Let me feed you, let me run your bathwater, whatever you desire, I'll aspire" is just one classic from the aptly titled 'Cater 2 U'... Don't even mention the fetching the slippers gem.

From one track to the next, 'Destiny Fulfilled' just grates on your nerves. From such a talented bunch of singers there's no explaining this album. On the plus side, there's some lovely photography on the sleeve!

All the women... Not so independent anymore!

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Lose My Breath - Soldier (featuring TI and Lil Wayne) - Cater 2 U - T-Shirt - Is She The Reason - Girl -Bad Habit - If - Free - Through With Love - Love - Game Over.