There's nothing excitingly new about the type of music that Lucie Silvas produces, but her debut album 'Breathe In' still manages to be strangely appealing.

Her lyrics are extremely powerful, effortlessly striking a chord - simple yet genuine. Silvas has an extraordinary range, beautifully showcased in co-written tracks like hit single 'What You're Made Of'.

From the distinctly upbeat title track down to the reflective 'The Longer We're Apart', Silvas breathes a tremendous unity into her work.

With an emphasis on suggestive and haunting music in many tracks, as beautifully employed in 'Nothing Else Matters', she has a natural talent for pulling you in and making you understand her point of view. You instantly want to hear more.

What's best about Silvas as a recording artist is that less is more. She needs little dressing up musically in order to create a harmonious sound. Naturally talented, her vocals carry her.

Lyrics from her track 'Like You Love Me' most aptly sum up her work. "I'm not perfect but I try to be...", and you can tell that perfection is what she strives for.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Don't Look Back - The Game Is Won - Last Man Standing - Forget Me Not - Breathe In - Nothing Else Matters - Without You - What You're Made Of - Twisting the Chain - No Defence - The Longer We're Apart - Like You Love Me - Seven Veils