Spitfire - 2004 - 39 minutes

With the departure of cellist and second guitarist Martin McCarrick, Therapy? are back as a three-piece, but their snarl remains as loud as ever.

And for those who've stuck around for their 15-year (and counting) career, 'Never Apologise Never Explain' is guaranteed to bring back the memories, with some of the drums and guitars recalling their earliest records.

With the hordes who bought 'Troublegum' long gone/grown up, this album brings up mixed emotions: Therapy? that they can still write songs as good as 'So-Called Life' and 'Rock You Monkeys'; sad that there are not as many around to hear them.

With this album gruff from beginning to end, a return to Therapy?'s chart days seems a long way off. Then again, no-one ever won money writing off this band.

Harry Guerin 

Tracklisting: Rise Up (Make Yourself Well) - Die Like A Mother F***er - Perish the Thought - Here Be Monsters - So-Called Life - Panic - Polar Bear - Rock You Monkeys - Dead - Long Distance - This Ship is Sinking - Save the Sermon - Last One To Heaven's a Loser