Elusive - 2004 - 45 minutes

Some records are described as great driving albums. During its best moments Jimmy Behan's is a great walking one - stick this on going up a hill or in a rush-hour and prepare to float.

Behan's electronica is warm, gentle and has its shining example in beautiful opener 'Granby Row', a track that crams a lot in, but still doesn't feel crowded. The glow that it gives off runs right through the first half of 'Days...', where string and future sounds reach a perfect understanding and a collaboration with Nina Hynes on 'Deeper Than Heaven' leaves you longing for more singers between you and the machines.

The remainder of the album is not as instant, but there's no stand-off with your attention span either. This is a debut of poise and promise - with more voices next time, everyone will be talking.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Granby Row - Mayfly - Deeper Than Heaven - Complete - Days are What We Live in - Hanover - Summer on the Wall - Dandelions - Normal Situation - Under the Woods